Our Team

Ram Kumar Bhandari, Founder and Director

Ram Bhandari has led the struggle to secure justice for victims of Nepal’s conflict for over a decade. His involvement with the victims’ movement began when his own father was disappeared in 2001. He has helped to launch the National Network of Families of the Disappeared (NEFAD), the Committee for Social Justice(CSJ), Conflict Victims Common Platform (CVCP), and more recently, Conflict Victim National Alliance (CVNA).

Prabal Chandra Thapa, Campaign Coordinator

Prabal Thapa is a graduate at Kathmandu University majoring in Development Studies. He joined the NEFAD team in 2015 and facilitated the launch of the various campaigns including Bardiya Conflict Victims Cooperative Group in the summer of 2017. Prabal supports logistics for NEFAD events and projects, promotes advocacies of victims survivors, and memorialization initiatives in Nepal and in Asia. He is a member of the Asia Steering Committee of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

Sarita Thapa, Embroidery Cooperative Coordinator

Sarita Thapa, coordinates local women groups in Bardiya, lost her father during the conflict; works to support the victims community in Bardiya, assisting them with filing applications at local municipal offices and coordinating embroidery training for the Bardiya Conflict Victims Cooperative Group. The group dedicated to financially empowering wives, daughters, and sisters of the disappeared.