1. Rule of Law Initiative_Webinar_12.06.2018
  2. Lalitpur-Declaration_NEFAD-20.02.1018
  3. Kathmandu Declaration_NEFAD-16.02.17
  4. Bardiya Declaration-NEFAD_2015
  5. UN Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance 1992
  6. The Enforced Disappearances, Enquiry, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act–2014
  7. Disappearance-convention_1503730828
  8. CVC Bardiya:Building a Family Association and lessons learned   (Nepali)
  9. NEFAD_research report; from-victims-to-actors-summary-and-plan-of-action-(English)    (Nepali)
  10. NEFAD research report ;From victims to actors: Mobilizing victims to drive
    transitional justice process.
  11. Constitution of Nepal–2015 ( English)   (Nepali)
  12. Interim-Constitution-2007 (English)
  13. 12-Points-Understanding   (English)       (Nepali)
  14. Comprehensive-Peace-Accord(English)  (Nepali)