Founded in 2009, NEFAD brings together families of the victims of enforced disappearance to advocate for truth and justice.


Mission statement

The National Network of Families of the Missing and Disappeared (NEFAD) provides support, advocacy and relief for the families of victims of enforced disappearances from Nepal’s civil war. NEFAD provides national representation to grassroots victims’ organizations in 17 districts in Nepal, ensuring that local voices are heard at the highest levels of the transitional justice process.


At the heart of NEFAD’s mission is the search for the truth: To find out what happened to the 1,500 victims of enforced disappearance during Nepal’s civil war.

NEFAD firmly believes that the victims of enforced disappearances must drive the national agenda for truth, justice, and reconciliation. Rather than speaking on behalf of victims, NEFAD seeks to empower and unite local and district victims’ associations and amplify their concerns at the national level.

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